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  • Huizhou Ranks among Top 3 Happiest Cities to Live in China
  • 21st June, 2016

  •          On June 21, China Institute of City Competitiveness's latest release indicated that Qingdao, Hangzhou and Huizhou the top three happiest cities to live in China. Huizhou, ranked the 3rd, has been included in the list for seven consecutive years. The city also was enlisted as the 4th Most Hospitable City in China, the 7th Most Beautiful City in China and the 22nd among the Top 30 Cities with the Most Rapid Development in China.
             The Happiest City standard refers to how residents feel about the city in terms of sense of identity, sense of belonging, sense of security, sense of satisfaction. It also includes how outsiders comment on the city. Usually, a happiest city is a place where it is good for living and investment, a place with distinctive culture, a place of beautiful environment, quality life, sound eco environment, security as well as social wellbeing.
             In recent year, Huizhou has witnesses rapid social and economic development. The local eco environment improved, urban and rural residents' income increased, social well-being strengthened, Huizhou has chartered a leap-forward path of Five Aspects and One System. Promoting People-Oriented philosophy and benefiting Huizhou People plans, Huizhou has increased urban and rural residents' income, improved local environment. As a result, people from Huizhou are now proud of the city, people come from elsewhere now take the city their homes. The public speaks highly of the city, their sense of happiness escalated. The city is committed to investing in people's livelihood. Each year, 75% of the newly added Municipal fiscal revenue and over 60% of the newly added county-level revenue goes to improving people's livelihood. Taking advantage of Guangdong Province's deepening the Comprehensive Reform including the basic public services, Huizhou has weaved its own social security safety net, building a basic public service network that comply with its own fiscal and municipal circumstances. Huizhou has managed to develop, but it also highly values environmental protection. The city strives to build a green environment and green city. At present, the air quality in Huizhou stands at the 10th out of the 74 monitored cities. The quality of the urban drinking water sources has completely met the national standard. Dongjiang River Huizhou branch has also maintained the standard for the second level of the national surface water.
             The 2016 Chinese Cities Advantages List covers 21 rankings of different parameters, including the Most Competitive Province / (Municipality directly under the Central Government), the Happiest City to Live in China, the Most Hospital City. Huizhou also ranks the 22nd out of the Top 30 Cities with the Most Rapid Development in China, a ranking newly established this year. According to the China Institute of City Competitiveness, mass entrepreneurship is now injecting new energy, passion and vitality into Chinese cities. Certain rapidly developing cities will serve as the driving engine leading urban development. These rapidly developing cities are featured with smooth and steady economic development, advantageous location, convenient transportation, speedy circulation of people, goods and logistics, fast work speed and efficient governance.

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