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Foryou NPWT Pro

World's Leading NPWT Exudate Management Technology
. IP Portfolio for NPWT Exudate Management: 7 PCT Patents Applied
. Exudate Volume Monitoring
. Exudate Property Monitoring
. Improved NPWT Airtight Monitoring
. Low-Cost Canister Full Alarm Solution

Reliable NPWT Devices
. Intermittent / Continuous Therapy
. Pressure Monitoring & Protection
. Key Components Monitoring & Protection
. Auto Lock Out Function
. Dual Power Technology

Advanced Performance
. Smarter – More Information Recorded
. Easier – Less Operation Needed
. Clearer – User-Friendly Interface
. Quieter – Less Noise to Patients

Under MDD, certified by CE0123 Mark.
Under MDR, CE1639 Mark is pending.

Foryou NPWT Features
Foryou NPWT Features
Settings Timing Treatment Function
Therapy Mode Intermittent Therapy Mode
Continuous Therapy Mode
Exudate Management Exudate Volume Monitoring and Management
Visual and Auditory Alarms and Warnings Leakage Monitoring Alarm
Canister Full Alarm & Protection
Data Recording and Presentation Auto Lock Out Function
Comprehensive Operating Information Recording
Monitor and Indications Key Components Monitoring & Protection
Pressure Monitoring & Protection
Working Environment Temperature Monitoring

Bacteria Filter FU5AMT022P, Φ50mm
Solidifier 10g
Sealing Film 350*320mm / 200*300mm
Tube Unit TU32
Drainage Tube Silicone drain, (inner diameter)Φ6mm×(external diameter)Φ9mm
Y/T Connector Y / T
All the accessories are for only once. Please use the recommended products or contact us.

For more information about IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2 of Foryou NPWT device, please contact us at info@ForyouNPWT.com.

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