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Foryou NPWT Home

Combining with portability and ease of use, Foryou NPWT Home device has been designed to maximize patient mobility, operating comfort and convenience. Through many enhancements and improvement, Foryou NPWT Home brings innovative NPWT solutions for both hospital and home care settings.
Foryou NPWT Home System has all the capabilities and functions of Foryou NPWT Pro, including the patented Foryou NPWT Exudate Management Technology, Key Component Monitoring Technology, and Improved Leakage Monitoring Technology, as well as its own features.

Note: Under MDD, certified by CE0123 Mark. Under MDR, CE1639 Mark is pending.

Being light in weight and small in size, it helps maximize patient mobility while still receiving therapy. With bed rail mount, it is also suitable for stationary use.
Touch Screen
Simplified Interaction
Safer Patient Mode
In order to reduce misoperation, there is patient mode with Foryou NPWT Home device. When patient mode is activated, the therapy parameters cannot be modified.
Precise Measurement of Pressure on Wound
Foryou NPWT Home could measure the pressure on the wound, and helps the pressure to be set precisely so as to help achieve the better therapy outcome.
Audible and visual alarms
Being classified by different condition, notification could be be easily recognized and there could be fast troubleshooting.
Therapy History Tracking
Therapy history data could be storaged and tracked, and downloaded to a USB flash drive.
It helps healthcare providers for further analysis.

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