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  • China-Korea Smart Equipment Industry Park to be Constructed in Dongjiang, Huizhou
  • 8th August, 2016

  •          The Dongjiang Science Park, a vital component of the China-Korea Industry Park, will be established as a 2 Square-Kilometer-Smart Equipment Industry Park, as announced by Dongjiang Science Park, Zhongkai Hi-tech District recently. The project is due for construction later half this year. Once completed, it will yield an annual output of 30 billion RMB.

             Establishing Smart Equipment Demonstration Park on East Bank of the Pearl River Delta
             As stated by officials with the Dongjiang Science Park, "In five years, the China-Korea Smart Equipment Industry Park will be established, with an annual output of plus 30 billion RMB. It will become one of the demonstration industry park of its kind on the eastern bank of the Pearl River Delta. It will also strive to be the pioneer for China-Korea Industry Park.
             The China-Korea Smart Equipment Industry Park, situated at eastern Dongjiang Science Park, taking up of about 2 kilometers, will be constructed latter half of this year. Once established, it will yield an annual output of 30 billion RMB. The project will be implementing Made in China 2025 requirement, taking advantage of the equipment demand in Huizhou for the major industries and the electronic information industry market in South China. Centering around Internet plus and Robotics and Smart Equipment industry, the park will endeavor to become an important and competitive park of its kind on the eastern bank of the Pearl River Delta.

             A China-Korea Smart Equipment Incentive Fund will be inaugurated
             "To speed up the establishment of the China-Korea Smart Equipment Industry Park, Dongjiang Science Park will invest in 200 milllion RMB to improve the infrastructure and functions of the supportive equipment", as introduced by the official in charge of the project. The plan and design of the park will be guided by the urban plan, land use plan, industry layout plan and low-carbon ecology plan, the future will be a blueprint with highly efficient allocation of the urban space. Enlightened by the idea of Building landscape prior to that of the industry park, the park will become a demonstration park with infusion of science, landscape and industrial city.
             "In addition to the supportive policies from Huizhou Municipality and Zhongkai New District, an additional 50 million RMB will be invested by the Dongjiang Science Park, and possibly 400 million social capitals as exclusive incentive fund for the Smart Equipment Industry Park". Additionally, 20 million innovation and start-up fund, 2 million human development fund will be invested, improving the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in the park, facilitating the exchange and infusion of resources in smart equipment industry, projects and human resources between China and Korea.
             As of present, 17 high-tech companies have planned to settle in the new park, including Yifeng Automatics, Sufeng Technology, New Power Mechanical Equipment, Baojiexin industrial control system, Dingtai Smart Manufacturing and Guerqi Packaging and Mechanics with a total investment of about 16 billion RMB. The park is also home to 1 national high-tech incubator, 1 provincial start-up pilot incubator, 6 engineering research centers and key laboratories, 2 provincial research institution o new kind. All of these innovative entities will undoubtedly provide ripple effect service for the progress of smart equipment industry from start-up to incubation, acceleration and industry park.

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