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  • Blue Fire PhD Project by Ministry of Education Started with Steven ZHANG's Speech
  • 24 July 2018

  •          On July 24th, 2018, there was the Opening Ceremony of the "Blue Fire PhD Student Project" by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which was held in Huizhou City with the Speech by Steven ZHANG, who is the Vice-President of 4L Health Co., Ltd.
             37 PhD students from 22 universities were chosen by the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, including YANG Lingyu from Shanghai Jiaotong University, who would stay in Huizhou for one month and work for 4L Health Co., Ltd. for one year. These PhD students would aim to provide technical services and solutions, to promote cooperation, and to attract talents for the enterprises.
             There are top government officials attended in the Opening Ceremony, which includes: LIU Hongbin, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, ZHANG Lilan, the Director of the Management Committee of the HZZK High-tech Zone, XIE Yaofan, Deputy Director of the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, ZHOU Zhongneng, Deputy Director of the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and CHEN Zhiming, Member of the Committee of HZZK, as well as other government officials from the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, and the Municipal Committees and Bureaus of Huizhou City. There are about 100 people attended the Opening Ceremony.
             LIU Hongbin mentioned in his speech that the "Blue Fire Project" was approved by the Ministry of Education, and it was implemented by the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, which was aimed to promote the integration of the industry and the academia. The selected PhD students would try their best to make full use of their own technology and research expertise to help the enterprises to solve technical problems.
             Steven ZHANG, Vice-President of 4L Health Co., Ltd. made the keynote speech: The History Talks to the Future.

             The History Talks to the Future

             Ladies and gentlemen,
             I am very grateful to give the speech here. And regarding the topic of technical innovation and industry-academia cooperation, I would like to review some stories happened in Huizhou, including the history of my own company and our sister companies, and let the history talk to the future.

             1. The story of the 1980s and 1990s: Attracting the talents
             There are 3 keynote speakers from Desay, Foryou, and 4L Health today.
             4L Health was transformed from the Medical Electronics Business of Foryou Group. About 30 years before, when Foryou Group and Desay Group were still parts of Huizhou Industrial Development Corporation, thousands of young boy and girls were attracted to Huizhou, from the top universities, such as Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Many of them became top leaders of Foryou Group and Desay Group. Nowadays, they had made Foryou and Desay great companies, which had been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market. From the history, we could see that the human beings, the talents are the most fundamental and core issues of the enterprise.

             2. The story of 2005: Rome was not built in a day
             In 2005, Dr. Jackie JIAN led a team to Huizhou City and served for Foryou Group. In the team, there are PhD students and other post-graduate students of Tsinghua University. After that, Dr. Jackie JIAN got to South Korea and worked in Samsung Electronics for several years. Then, he formally joined Foryou Group. Besides Foryou Medical Electronics, he had helped to establish other business in Foryou Group, including the Factory Automation Business, the HUD and Car-Electronics Business, etc. Each of them had the annual revenue of more than hundreds of million Yuan. However, in 2005, no one would know exactly what would happen in the later years.
             Rome was not built in a day. If there could be immediate cooperation, it would be great. But if there’s no immediate fruit, it's also OK. The Blue Fire Project is just a window, which help us to enjoy the great views and good opportunities to make many things possible.
             With the support of the government officials, the industry, and the academia, there would be more and more sparks of thoughts. And I believe that everyone here would have great dreams and brighter reality in the future.

             Thank you!

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