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  • TCL: Relying on the 'Belt and Road' Policy, TCL's Internationalization will be Upgraded
  • 20 June 2016

  •          On the 20th June in Poland, a Chinese Express Freight Train with a uniform logo of CHIAN RAILWAY express arrived in Warsaw after a 13 days' journey, which had rolled through the route of ancient silk road and into the destination. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Polish President Andrzej Duda both attended in the inauguration and witnessed the moment on site. Tomson Li, the president and CEO of TCL Corporation, attended this great ceremony as the only entrepreneur representative from China.
             In the afternoon, it had been raining heavily until right before the commencement of the ceremony. As President Xi saying the weather gave us a favor, the suddenly changed weather and lovely sunshine was recognized as a warm welcome to this ceremony.
             At the arrival of President Xi, TCL Corporation president and CEO Tomson Li presented to him a warm greeting and brief introduction of cargos contained in this Express. 80% of the cargos were with TCL brand, which were appreciated by President Xi at the scene. When the ceremony was over, President Xi also gave an introduction of TCL Corporation and its business in Poland to President Duda. It is introduced that TCL is one of the largest electronic home appliances enterprises in China with a manufacturing base in Poland. Besides, in the China – Europe block train, cargos in 33 among 41 containers are belonged to TCL. It is also honored for Tomson Li to meet the China Minister of Foreign Affairs at the scene.
             It was reported that there were 41 carriages in the CHINA RAILWAY Express, all of which were designed with national standardized containers. In the past 3 months, TCL had exported to Poland over 400 containers of electrical components and in March, the 1st train specially for enterprise were full loaded with components of TCL flat panel TV.
             The electric parts delivered to Poland will be reassembled and deliver to other places in Europe. TCL manufacture base in Poland covers an area of 105 thousand square meters, which is the largest Chinese industrial project and the larges factory in the city. At present, TCL Poland factory possesses 5 production lines and 284 employees, some of whom have been working there for 13 years. Its annual production capacity can achieve 4.5 million pcs. Located in this prominent transportation center of Europe, TCL's product can deliver to Frankfurt and Paris in just one day, to other places in Europe such as Lisbon and Madrid for just 3 days. Up to 90% of the components were converted to be supplied through railway transportation.
             As Tomson Li, the president and CEO of TCL Corporation, mentioned during the interview at the scene, Poland was devoted itself to reindustrialization whereas China was stepping forward for its international industrial cooperation. The cooperation on energy, infrastructure, transportation, logistics, etc. between both countries were strengthen. China industries were strong at industrial capabilities and establishing manufacturing base and research center in Poland could surely help China enterprises participate in the reindustrialization in Poland.
             The China-Europe block train is international railway express operated with fixed frequency, lines, schedule and times and runs between China and Europe, passing through those countries listed in the ‘belt and road'. It has applied its uniform logo of CHINA RAILWAY Express since the 8th of June and become major land transportation of international logistics. Since the 19th of March, 16 cities in China includeing Chengdu, Chongqin, Wuhan, etc. have opened up 39 lines to 12 cities in Europe including Poland, Duisburg & Hamburg in German, Madrid in Spain, etc. Accumulation of over 1,700 trains have been departed, which is a great contribution to foreign trades and support to the ‘belt and road' policy. Relying on all these factors, it surely can further boost up TCL's internationalization.

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             China Europe Cargo Train Drives TCL along the One Belt and One Road

             The China-Europe Block Train laden with cargo arrived in Warsaw on June 20, local time. Mr. LI Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, greeted the arrival of the train in a grand ceremony. Capitalizing on the Belt and Road Initiative, TCL is now committed to its global upgrade. LI told the audiences that "the growth of TCL, from small to big, from weak to strong will not be possible without the care, support and help from the Huizhou Municipal CPC Party Committee and the Municipal government.

             Products made by TCL's factory in Poland will arrive across Europe in Three Days
             The first China-Europe Block Train leaves from Chengdu, China consists of 41 container cars, all adopting the latest national containers standard. During the 13-day journey, the train, which had followed the route of the ancient Silk Road, witnessed a beautiful natural landscape as well as economic and trade development along the route during the trip. Original electronic products from TCL's Chengdu factory took up roughly 80% of the total carg
             In the past 3 months, TCL has exported over 400 containers of electronic goods through the train. In March this year, the first cooperate only train also is laden with TCL flat panel display electronics.
             China-Europe Block Train is a cargo train runs at fixed route, frequency and time, connecting products in China to international rail cargo trains to European countries along the One Belt and One Road.
             Since the inauguration of the train on March 19, 2011, the cargo services were consecutively opened in 16 Chinese countries such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Wuhan to 12 European cities including Warsaw, Duisburg, Hamburg and Madrid. At present, the service consists of 39 routes with a running frequency of over 1700. It is now one of the most vital transportation for international land logistics networks.
             The Unified brand of China Europe Block Train was officially adopted by China Railway on June 8, this year.
             The electronic products from TCL, once arrived in Poland, will be assembled by TCL's manufacturing facility in Poland, which is also China's largest manufacturing facility in the country and sold across Europe.
             TCL's 105,000 square-meter factory in Zyrardow, Poland is the largest manufacturing facility in that city. TCL has five production lines, each capable of assembling 4.5 million TVs annually. Most of the factory's 284 employees are natives of Zyrardow with some employees having worked there for 13 years.
             In terms of delivery of the final products, Poland, is one day away from Frankfurt and Paris and three days away from more peripheral markets such as Lisbon and Madrid. Up to 90 per cent of the components produced at the factory are delivered via rail.
             TCL chairman and CEO Li said that while Poland is committed to the reindustrialization, China is pressing forward with international cooperation in production capacity. thanks to the increasingly strong industrial competences of Chinese companies more Chinese companies can be expected to establish a presence in Poland and even to go as far as setting up Chinese production base and R&D center.
             One Belt One Road Initiative Speeds up Globalization For years, Huizhou city has been implementing the Go Global strategy, encouraging enterprises to seek global operation, cultivating Chinese multi-national corporates.
             TCL is the forerunner for Chinese enterprises in gong global. With a decade of growth, TCL is now among the Chinese brands with the most global impact.
             In 1991, TCL has established its first Color TV Production site in Vietnam. The company also started to paint its global footprint from then on.
             Currently, TCL has built several color TV production sites overseas, covering Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa, including the one in Poland, in Mexica and the joint venture in Egypt. Globally, TCL has over 70,000 staffs, 23 research institutes, 21 production base and sales offices in 80 plus countries and regions, with operation covering 160 countries and regions.
             Last year, TCL registered total revenue of 104.6 billion RMB. The LCD Color TV sales rank 3 globally with sales of Cell phones and LCD Panel ranking 5th and 6th globally. In addition, 47% of the total revenue comes from the overseas income. TCL's operation in Europe, North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia have been running well over the years.
             The Belt and Road Strategy boasts immense opportunities and global opportunities. It is also a challenge to how well the enterprises can do in the emerging markets. According to Mr. LI, TCL will take advantage of the national initiative, outputting Chinese manufacturing capacity, research and services in overseas markets, speeding up localization, cutting off on the time cost in local markets. He hopes that the share of TCL's overseas income will be improved by 50% in three years.

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